/Swahili for ‘Roots’

Nourishing the roots of growth, self love and aspirations with intertwined image, prose and verse.

Contact me to contribute your words of inspirations.


‪#1 ‪I hope you become friends with your gremlin, young one. I see him sitting on your shoulders. Slobbering all over you. As you sieze up when I ask you to read. He taunts you doesn’t he? Tells you that you can’t do it. Tells you that you’re stupid. I am sorry I’m not patient. Please don’t mistake my frustrations for hatred. I’m just sad that you don’t believe in yourself. That you’re letting the gremlin in. You’re letting him win.‬ ‪I have a gremlin too you know. I have many. So I know how you feel. I know how it feels to stutter. I know the fear of sounding stupid. The desire to stay quiet so you don’t make a mistake. ‬ ‪But I know you can fight your gremlin. I want you to. I want you to enjoy these books that you are so capable of reading and knowing and loving. I want you to get lost in them. To find a home in them. To find love in them. I want them to take you away from the trauma you have known. ‬ ‪Young one. I hope I see you one day. Maybe in your secondary school uniform. Grown and proud. Clutching a book. A glimmer of hope in your eyes. And I will tell you what a terror you were when you were small. And how proud I am of you for sticking to it. For learning to love learning. ‬ ‪I hope your confidence grows and your anxiety shrinks, young one. ‬ ‪I hope you become friends with your gremlin. And I hope I become friends with mine, too.‬ ~ ZS #Mizizi
#2 Notes on aspiring towards a united sisterhood: ‪I expect more from my fellow women than I do from men. There should be a unshakeable loyalty and honesty between women. A relationship where we inspire and encourage each other. Where we don’t compete but water eachother’s roots of growth and self love. Where we are happy for one another. A relationship where the trust is unbreakable and betrayal cannot enter. ‬~ZS #Mizizi
#3 *Guest Writer* All the women in my life, Are always giving. Giving and pouring and emptying themselves into me. And all I have ever done was pull their strength in like the tide. With no return. I am learning to give without receiving. – Saajidah Baksh





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